Scientific Publications

The Niron team and university partners are leaders in the field of rare earth free magnet research & development.


  • Magnetic structure of Fe16N2 determined by polarized neutron diffraction on thin-film samples
  • Environment-friendly bulk Fe16N2 permanent magnet: Review and prospective



  • Heavy‐Metal‐Free, Low‐Damping, and Non‐Interface Perpendicular Fe16N2 Thin Film and Magnetoresistance Device



  • DFT calculation and experimental investigation of Mn doping effect in Fe16N2
  • High Ms Fe16N2 thin film with Ag under layer on GaAs substrate
  • Preparation of an α″-Fe16N2 Magnet via a Ball Milling and Shock Compaction Approach
  • Synthesis of Fe16N2 compound Free-Standing Foils with 20 MGOe Magnetic Energy Product by Nitrogen Ion-Implantation
  • Synthesis of α″-Fe16N2 Compound Anisotropic Magnet by the Strained-Wire Method



  • A method to evaluate α″-Fe16N2 volume ratio in FeN bulk material by XPS



  • 9 T high magnetic field annealing effects on FeN bulk sample
  • FeN foils by nitrogen ion-implantation
  • Thermal stability of partially ordered Fe16N2 film on non-magnetic Ag under layer



  • Strain effect of multilayer FeN structure on GaAs substrate
  • Strain induced giant magnetism in epitaxial Fe16N2 thin film
  • The effect of strain induced by Ag underlayer on saturation magnetization of partially ordered Fe16N2 thin films



  • Fabrication of Fe16N2 Films by Sputtering Process and Experimental Investigation of Origin of Giant Saturation Magnetization in Fe16N2
  • Polarized neutron reflectometry study of Fe16N2 with Giant Saturation Magnetization prepared by N Inter-diffusion in Annealed Fe-N Thin Films



  • Direct Observation of Giant Saturation Magnetization in Fe16N2
  • Epitaxial high saturation magnetization FeN thin films on Fe(001) seeded GaAs(001) single crystal wafer using facing target sputterings
  • N site ordering effect on partially ordered Fe16N2
  • Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and high spin-polarization ratio in epitaxial Fe-N thin films



  • Theory of giant saturation magnetization in α″-Fe16N2: role of partial localization in ferromagnetism of 3d transition metals



  • Heavy Fermion metal Fe16N2 and its giant magnetic moment
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